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AYOL team participated in the youth exchange program in Italy


Between the 5th and 16th of April, 2016 the representatives of the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Lithuania participated in the youth exchange program “Write your rights”, organized in the city of Bolognetta, Italy. Activists from Romania, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania and Italy gathered in order to discuss and plan actions which would contribute to human rights progress in their respective countries.

Through informal educational methods during the youth exchange program Write your rights, the participants were taught to identify their own personal strengths and weaknesses and to recognize discrimination experienced by vulnerable groups in society. The participants also learned about various creative means of expression, which could be used to promote respect for fundamental human rights.

An important part of the youth exchange program was a trip to Palermo. During the stay in Bolognetta, the youth exchange program’s participants also had the opportunity to explore historic and beautiful city sites, talk with the residents and city guests, and film a video clip, asking passers-by about their notions of happiness and fulfillment. The participants improved their teamwork skills not only by doing the before mentioned tasks, but also by organizing special workshops on human rights issues.


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