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Azerbaijan in Charity Bazaar

In Rotuse, which is located in the center of Vilnius, this year for the 10th time, welcomed an Internation Charity Bazaar. Embassies located in Vilnius, took part in this event as well as the international organizations and press representatives. Embassies’ staff each got a special place to build their stands, in order to present their culture and national features, including cuisine and some specific products. Goods were sold to the visitors, who mostly were local people, as well as the foreigners living in Lithuania, in order to raise money for charity.Long queue appeared in front of the stand of Azerbaijan, local people were interested to purchase national sweets, juices, other souvenirs as well as the carpets and national kelagayi (head-covers for women) from Azerbaijan. Must be mentioned, that, more than 5000 people attended the bazaar.  The event had been published widely, in all popular mass-media sources of Lithuania.

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