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Novruz Holiday in Kaunas city


The Azerbaijani students who study in Kaunas city of Lithuania, organized Noruz Holiday event and gathered all azerbaijani who live in Lithuania. The initiative group of azerbaijani students by gotten the support of the embassy of Azerbaijan Republic in Lithuania, celebrated Noruz holiday with the large enthusiasm.  On March 21st of 2012, in the second large city of Lithuania Kaunas took place the holiday celebration together with the Lithuanian and foreign students.

The azerbaijani students performed Azerbaijan National dances, songs and dedicated to the customs of the Novruz holiday. The guests tastes Azerbaijani national foods, sweets as well.

In it participated more than 100 local and foreign students and academic staff of local universities.

With local and foreign guests were organized Novruz games, which the winners obtained symbolic gifts. With the participants was performed the Yally dance. Consequently, end of the event one of the attributes of holiday, Novruz bonfire was  set outside and performed customs of holiday.

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