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Presentation of the movie “Endless Corridors”


Lithuanian war journalist – Ričardas Lapaitis, puts his memories about Khojaly Massacre in a film called – “Endless Corridors”

The movies reflects all the inhumanity that Armenians done to the armless and helpless civilians, during one night. They have been killed 613 people, 83 of which were infants, have completely washed away 8 families, and took 127 people as hostages. Armenian army tortured the hostages with unseen inhumanity and profaned even the dead  The movie captured many important interviews, both from Azerbaijan and Armenian sides, as well the first-person stories from the survived hostages themselves.

The movie is very touching, and guests couldn’t leave the movie hall without shading a tear and showing a compassion deep in their hearts, for suffered civilians.

Nobody expected that such atrocities could happen. We only know this from books about the Nazis, but now we started saying “Armenian fascism”. I do not accuse the entire Armenian nation, but I accuse those who conducted these atrocities.  – He says.

The movie was attended by several Lithuanian government representatives, Ambassador from the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Hasan Mammadzada, Lithuanian movie directors, producers, singers, as well as ordinary citizens and Azerbaijani students living and studying in Lithuania.


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