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Remembering Khojaly Tragedy


As every year, regardless of where we are, Azerbaijani youth activist gather together to commemorate Khojaly tragedy, and spread the fact all over the world. Remaining faithful, to their tradition, Azerbaijani students living and studying in Lithuania, didn’t miss the date, this year as well, and organized a street rally, dedicated  the tragedy. Young activists published 613 photos, as each photo represented one lost life during the tragedy and 613 is the number of killed people in Khojaly on 26th of February, in 1982.

Over 50 students hanged posters about Khojaly over the whole Laives Aleja – the main central street in Kaunas, containing photos and written information in Lithuanian. Additional to that, considering the fact of very cold weather, students were offering cups of coffee which also had illustrations of the tragedy on them, to the passing people, and telling them briefly the purpose of the rally.

People were stopping in front of the posters and reading information, while drinking hot coffee, and students continued saying out loud their slogans through megaphones.

One more time, we tried our best to spread to the world, that, Armenian aggression must be stopped and justice should take its place, finally.

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