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Samir Musayev

Founder & former chairman

Vytautas Magnus University
(MSc Political Sciences and Diplomacy)
Kaunas University of Technology
(MSc Business Economy)

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Shahsuvar Hajizada

Former chairman

Kaunas University of Technology
(MSc Marketing Management)

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Khidir Kazimov

Current chairman
(2016 - present)

Vilnius University
(MSc International Communication)

Our Latest Blogs

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“What do I know about Karabakh?”

Dear Lithuanian students,
According to the activities of AYOL, we launch new project which we offer to local and international students to participate in the essay contest under the title “What do I know about Karabakh?”.
Therefore, AYOL in cooperation with the […]

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“International Dinner”

On the 17th day of September, youth studying in Kaunas city of Lithuania, decided to celebrate this special day in an intercultural way.  So to say, or to be more precise, students studying in Kaunas Technology University are actually the […]

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Announcement of Winners

After thorough reviews of the application submitted by the Lithuanian participants for “What do I know about Azerbaijan” titled essay contest, we are pleased to announce the results in our website. We would like to mention that it was a […]

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Football tournament

Mini football tournament during 1 day
Project will be implemented in 8 states (Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania, Ucraine, Chezk Republic, Romania, Austria, Russia)
8 football teams can participate in tournament in every state
In every team has to consist of 5 players + […]

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Essay Contest “What do I know about Azerbaijan”

Dear Lithuanian students,
According to the confirmed governmental program: “Azerbaijan Youth in 2011-2015” by order of the President of Azerbaijani Republic, we offer to international students to participate in the essay contest under the title “What do I know about Azerbaijan?”.  […]

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Protest in front of Armenian Embassy & Khojaly Exhibition

Azerbaijani students living and studying in Lithuania, didn’t remain silent this time, too. As we have already informed our members, in our upcoming events section, on 25th of February, AYOL with its members and Azerbaijani families living in Lithuania, gathered […]

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Presentation of the movie “Endless Corridors”

Lithuanian war journalist – Ričardas Lapaitis, puts his memories about Khojaly Massacre in a film called – “Endless Corridors”. 
The movies reflects all the inhumanity that Armenians done to the armless and helpless civilians, during one night. They have been killed 613 […]

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AYOL addressed a letter to the White House

Recently, some Armenian Diaspora organizations have raised their voice against the Khojaly petition addressed to White House that had been signed by more than 100.000 Azerbaijanis. Armenians claim, that the votes had been gathered under the pressure from the Azerbaijani […]

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“Khojaly” month in Lithuania

Azerbaijani students studying in Lithuania, announced this month as a “Khojaly” month by organizing the list of upcoming events, and telling the history in all its details and by this asking attention and justice for the injustice that still remains, […]

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