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“What do I know about Azerbaijan?” essay contest

“What I know about Azerbaijan?” essay writing contest every year since 2011, is held jointly by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the diplomatic representations of Azerbaijan in foreign countries.

The main purpose of contest is to expand the awareness about Azerbaijan among young people of foreign countries, encourage the close familiarization of young researchers with Azerbaijan, stimulate the scientific and research activities concerning our country, reveal the new young researchers who study and promote Azerbaijan.

RequirementBaku-Azerbaijans for essay contest are follow:

– the contest is open for youths at age between 18-29 years.

– essays shall not exceed 2500 words.

– essays must be submitted in English language.

– essays must be written with Arial 12 font and sent to the email in PDF formats by 30 July, 2019.


The following documents must be submitted along with essays:

–  Application form

– Biography (CV)

– Passport copy

The winners will obtain a right to participate in the cultural-historical visit tour to Azerbaijan.

During selection process of winners, a special attention will be paid to sufficient scientific ground and basis, list of the used references/literatures, indications of exact historical sources, as well as to the authenticity of the information covered in the essays.

Only citizens of the Republic of Lithuania are eligible to participate in the Contest.

Recommended topics for the essay writing contest:

– Heydar Aliyev: National Leader of Azerbaijan

– History, art and culture of Azerbaijan

– Population, language and traditions of Azerbaijan

– Role of Azerbaijan in International Policy

– Azerbaijan and Lithuania: historical relations and perspectives

– Economic growth of Azerbaijan

– Oil and gas strategy of Azerbaijan

– The reality of Karabakh conflict

– Your idea related to Azerbaijan (open theme)

Within the framework of the general topics, participants can choose a special topic relevant to their field of interests, education, scientific and specialized areas.

NOTE: During the travel to Azerbaijan the winners will be expected to perform/present the music, dance or national cuisine of Lithuania (winners group). Travel, Accommodation and food costs are covered by the hosting country. 


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