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AYOL addressed a letter to the White House


Recently, some Armenian Diaspora organizations have raised their voice against the Khojaly petition addressed to White House that had been signed by more than 100.000 Azerbaijanis. Armenians claim, that the votes had been gathered under the pressure from the Azerbaijani government that been implemented towards youth organizations all around the country as well as behind the borders of the country.

However, as youth living in Lithuania the member country of European Union, would like to bring to your attention, that we did not receive any pressure or command from the government to sign the petition.

To you, as the co-chair of the Minsk group of OSCE, Azerbaijan had many times requested to raise the issues of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Khojaly massacre committed by Armenian soldiers. Considering the fact, that issues hadn’t been resolved, it had been decided to sign a petition, in order to draw the attention of USA and play more active role in resolution of the problem and recognition of the Genocide legally. We believe, that this is not only the wish of Azerbaijanis living in Lithuania, but of everybody who struggles and desires for justice on the Earth, as well.
Likewise, we hope for USA to give the right assessment to the issue regarding of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan Republic, as well as the Khojaly massacre, to be legally justified, for USA is known worldwide for the speech freedom and justice principles in the country.

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