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Become an Ambassador of Higher Education


On 11th – 12th of December, of 2012, Azerbaijan Youth Organization of Lithuania together in cooperation with Lithuanian Education Exchanges Support Foundation organized a 2 day training for Azerbaijani student living and studying in Lithuanian Universities. The training aimed to provide Azerbaijani students with necessary and various information about Lithuanian Education system, its exchange programs and possibilities. During these two days, students were invited to actively interact with experts and build optional project proposals during the group discussions.

Azerbaijani students proposed several ideas regarding the local problems and difficulties in their home country and provided possible solutions for existing challenges.

After the presentation of staff member of  Lithuanian Education Exchanges Support Foundation, chairman of Azerbaijan Youth Organization of Lithuania, Samir Musayev, made a detailed presentation about AYOL, its aims, functions and system. Samir Musayev invited students to become active members of AYOL, and participate in projects, as well as joining local projects together with Lithuanian student’s unions.

At the end of the training, participants had been awarded with certificates of successful participation.

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